About Me

Hi, I'm Noel. I'm a designer and developer living in Denver, Colorado.

Currently I work as an interactive designer and developer, and previously as a front-end developer, web designer, and graphic designer downtown. For me walking the line between design and development just makes sense. Why wouldn't you want the person who has the vision for a project to also execute?

Creativity and a passion for design and aesthetics drove me to get a BFA in graphic desgin. But being able to design something great is only half the battle. Handing off my designs to someone else to execute just wasn't enough, so I took my math and engineering background and found a mentor who could teach me to code.

This is where it all began

I spent a little over two years learning and emersing myself in all things web development. I met with clients, brainstormed with wall to wall sketches, created logos and branding materials, worked with printers, designed great UX and UI, went on-site to get the photography we needed for the final product, and then coded the websites bringing it all to fruition. Being both the creative designer and analytical developer came with ease and keeps my fire for both worlds burning.

Now, looking forward

Since my initial training, I have continued to work in both design and development, honing my skills in each. I am still varatiously consuming all things web development, learning new languages, trying out new ideas, and keeping up with current trends. My future plans include continuing to learn and grow as both a designer and developer, with the goals of finding balance and striving for excellence in both worlds.